An asbestos survey will:
> help the client PCBU manage asbestos 
in the workplace
> provide accurate information about the 
location, amount and condition of asbestos 
and ACM
> help decide if remedial action is required.

The client PCBU can use the survey 
information to prepare a record of the location 
of any asbestos, as well as an asbestos 
management plan for the workplace.
The asbestos survey can identify all the asbestos 
and ACM that needs to be removed before 
starting refurbishment or demolition work

When asbestos is disturbed or damaged, it releases tiny fibres into the air. These fibres can easily be inhaled without the person even noticing. They can become trapped in the nose or throat, or they can work their way into the lung or digestive tract. Once the fibres enter the body, this is when they start to cause health problems.