All surveying organisations should have a quality management system (ie quality 
assurance and quality control schemes) in place to ensure the highest standards. 

  • A proportion of surveys being reinspected by another competent 
    surveyor/auditor, usually while the survey is in progress. All aspects of the site 
    work (safety assessments, inspection procedures, sampling, documentation, 
    material risk assessments etc) should be checked. It is recommended that about 5% of surveys are reinspected (BS 6002: 2006).
  • All the management procedures and systems of a surveying organisation 
    should be quality assured by carrying out audits of completed surveys. This 
    would normally be a desk-top audit.
  • There should also be a quality control scheme for survey reports. All reports 
    should be checked before being issued to clients. Simple but thorough checks 
    should be made that the client’s requirements have been met, as well as 
    checks on the consistency, technical accuracy and completeness of the report. 

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