Asbestos is hazardous if in the form of airborne fibres, but you will not 
be affected if you do not disturb asbestos-containing materials. You can 
prevent inadvertent exposure to asbestos if:

• You consult the nominated person before carrying out any work that 
might disturb asbestos-containing material in any part of the building. 
• Follow the written plan and use the control measures when carrying out 
any work that will disturb asbestos. 
• Report any damage or deterioration of any asbestos-containing 

When asbestos is disturbed or damaged, it releases tiny fibres into the air. These fibres can easily be inhaled without the person even noticing. They can become trapped in the nose or throat, or they can work their way into the lung or digestive tract. Once the fibres enter the body, this is when they start to cause health problems.